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Forestry prices increase by 20% in last 18 months

Despite the economic downturn, the value of forested areas have continued to increase in the past 18 months as people turn to forestry for investment.

Timber prices are expected to double in the next five years and, as a result, people are seeking to take advantage of the income tax and inheritance tax exemptions on woodland once it has been owned for more than two years.

Chartered forester Mike Tustin told the Independent that people see owning forestry as a way of having their own fuel reserve as oil and gas prices continue to rise.

"This heightened awareness has increased demand for woodland, leading indirectly to higher prices. Increased interest in sustainability is also pushing people in the direction of producing their own fuel," he added.

UK national statistics released by the Forestry Commission last month revealed that the UK had seen a rise of 19 per cent in wood imports due to the recent push for biomass as an alternative fuel source.

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